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Ruby Red String

Ruby Red String

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With our healthy underwear you can be sure that there are no strings attached. You see what we did there.

Our sizing is flexible: They hug you instead of suffocating. Ze rekken mee, zonder nadien op te krollen of 'uit te lubberen' ;) 



Our underwear is made from EcoVero and we have the certificates of the fabric making sure all quality control is taken care of. Healthy underwear makes sure extra irritation is not triggered (unlike polyester, polyamide, nylon...) AND makes sure that whatever irritation there is, is absorbed. Our Oxygen collection was designed with the purpose of making you feel good! The fabric is particularly skin and allergy-friendly. Moreover it is extremely absorbent and humidity regulating. It’s sustainable, it feels good and looks great!

What is my size?

Click on your size and you will find a model wearing that size. All 9 sizes have a booty to represent it. Check out our Size Charts as well. Know that our fabric has a nice stretch so if you are doubting between two sizes, don't worry, they most likely will both fit you well.

(Self) Care information

Just like yourself, handle with (self)care. Wash at 40 degrees on a delicate wash cycle (slow spin). Use a gentle detergent & a wash bag for your underwear, not only does it protect them - it’s easier to fish them out of the machine after! Do not tumble dry. You can find the exact recommendations on the inside of your garment.

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That's what she said

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Why Healthy Underwear?

Wearing the wrong underwear drastically increases your chances of having a vaginal infection or irritation!

- 80% of all females experience vaginal irritation
- 75% of females even experience vaginal infections at least once in their life
- 63% of females often wear a pantyliner to deal with the discomforts, which triggers extra irritation

That’s why we made underwear that:

Significantly lowers your chances of irritation
Takes care of the discomforts you might experience
▪ Is made out of eco-friendly fabric while at the same time gets rid of a bunch of single use pantyliners
▪ Actually makes you feel & look good!

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Note to Self

All our undies have a Note To Self on the inside. An affirmation to start your day with some extra empowerment!

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The Oxygen Collection

By women, for women.

We paid extra attention to certain details, such as an extra long pantyliner, a breathable & soft fabric and models that actually fit & feel great.

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