You're gonna love YOU here!

Welcome to Oh Yaz

We are a brand made for people who make themselves proud

You believe no pants are the best pants
You are true to yourself
You know your worth and are not afraid to put yourself first!
You don’t need labels and think without the box

Every day we strive to make you:
Feel more confident, to embrace your flaws & highlight your beauty
Expand your comfort zone and bet on yourself
Take ownership of your decisions and be yourself
Believe in your abilities and be your own soulmate!

We want you to be you in all your glory!

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About the Underwear

✔️ Particularly skin and allergy-friendly
✔️ Extremely absorbent and humidity regulating
✔️ Cool, breathable fabric
✔️ Superbly intense, brilliant colours, even after numerous washes

The fabric is made from sustainable wood and pulp (which comes from sustainable forestry 🌳).

Nearly all the chemicals used during the production of EcoVero are recovered and reused.

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About the Tees

For all Sassy Pants
For all Moon Childs
For all Free Spirits
For all who dare to stand out

We live in a society that begs us to accept, yet constantly change ourselves. A society that wants us to love ourselves, but tells confident people to sit down.

Stand up, don't shut up.
Stand out, don't back out.

All our T-shirts are Fair Wear certified, GOTS certified, Vegan & 100% Organic Bio Cotton.
All of our Printed T-shirts are handmade in Antwerp & all quality is checked until the last detail.

We sell from XXS - 5XL & preach Slow Fashion by not having any finished products in stock.

You buy, We print - not reversed.

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Hi, I'm Lore

Who am I?
I'm glad you didn't ask!

Twerkaholic, mom & overall hot mess.
My name is Lore Janssens and I swear I'm not as basic as my last name.

I am the founder & chief cheekleader of Oh Yaz! It is my mission to help you fall in love with yourself more!

I want you to bet on yourself and expand your comfort zone.

My favorite tools are sarcasm, twerking & self reflection!

Read about my Underwear Journey here

What's next?

You tell me!

Which product are you waiting for?
What problem do you want to find a solution for?
What is something you can't live without?
What should we add to our webshop?

Let us know & we'll try to make it happen for you!

Share your idea or issue with me

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