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What the Flock?

Our awesome quotes are made out of flock. This means the texture is made out of small fiber particles. It has a more luxurious look & feel, better resistance and overall better quality! These fibers can be compared to very tiny hairs meaning that white flock on a black shirt might take up some of the black particles from the shirt. This can easily be resolved by using a lint roller - similar to how you remove doghair f.ex. 

I'm a quality bish, what about your products?

We care about quality, you, the planet & everybody on it. We can promise you all quality is taken care of.
All of our products are PETA & Fair Wear Certified, meaning they are 100% vegan!
They are also GOTS & OEKO-tex Certified! 

How do I know what size to pick?

Every shirt comes with a size table. We suggest taking your favorite shirt and measure it according to the size table. Once you know your size, you can go nuuuuts!

The sizes are quite a lose fit, so you can just take the size you normally get. 

I want to wear my shirts ALL.THE.TIME, How do I wash it?

All shirts are 100% Cotton, meaning you should wash them at 30° or the cotton might shrink. The flock can take temperatures up to 60°. We recommend to not tumble dry your favourite powershirts!

How Do I iron the shirts?

The flock can take temperatures up to 60° but NO STEAM! We suggest ironing the shirt inside out or iron the back of the shirts. 

When will my order be shipped?

We ship two or three times a week so your orders will always go out pretty quickly. If your order is urgent, please let us know so we can make sure you have it in time!

How can I pay for my order?

We offer Bancontact, iDeal, MasterCard, Visa & Paypal Express Checkout.

Can I make a big order to sell in my own store?

Oh for sure! We also sell wholesale so you can have this collection in your own store! For all wholesale inquiries drop as an email at Talk soon! 

Which happy dance can I expect when I pick up my order?

You can request this whenever you order. You can watch me Twerk, whip/Nae Nae, hit the quan, do the stanky leg, Dougie.
Currently working on my moonwalk.  



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