You have always respected the rules.

Now it's time to make your own

Empowered by Oh Yaz

We are a brand made for people who make themselves proud

You believe no pants are the best pants
You are true to yourself
You know your worth and are not afraid to put yourself first!
You don’t need labels and think without the box

Every day we strive to make you:
Feel more confident, to embrace your flaws & highlight your beauty
Expand your comfort zone and bet on yourself
Take ownership of your decisions and be yourself
Believe in your abilities and be your own soulmate!

We want you to be you in all your glory!

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Why Breathable Underwear?

Wearing the wrong underwear drastically increases your chances of having a vaginal infection or irritation!

That’s why we made underwear that:

Significantly lowers your chances of irritation
Takes care of the discomforts you might experience
▪ Is made out of eco-friendly fabric while at the same time gets rid of a bunch of single use pantyliners
▪ Actually makes you feel & look good!

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Hi, I'm Lore

Who am I?
I'm glad you didn't ask!

Twerkaholic, mom & overall hot mess.
My name is Lore Janssens and I swear I'm not as basic as my last name.

I am the founder & chief cheekleader of Oh Yaz! It is my mission to help you fall in love with yourself more!

I want you to bet on yourself and expand your comfort zone.

My favorite tools are sarcasm, twerking & self reflection!

Read about my Underwear Journey here

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