What is Mercury Retrograde and why does it f*ck me up?

What is Mercury Retrograde and why does it f*ck me up?

Ever heard of Mercury Retrograde & why things tend to go a bit wrong when it happens? Let’s explain in more detail what a retrograde in Mercury actually means. 


Mercury is the smallest and closest planet to the sun. The orbit that Mercury follows around the sun is one of plus minus 90 days. The shortest one of all planets in the solar system. 

In our solar System every planet moves in the same direction around the sun. But sometimes it happens planets move backwards around the sun from the sight of the earth. That’s what we call a retrograde.

Because Mercury is the closest to the sun and the fastest, this planet goes in retrograde around three or four times in a year (Shiiiiiit).

Each Mercury retrograde lasts three weeks. Planets further away from the sun as Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune move slower around the sun, and therefore have less frequent and longer lasting retrogrades.  

So what does that have to do with the human kind? & can I use it as an excuse to be late for work?   

Well in modern astrology Mercury represents our communication, our thinking, mentality, learning & adaptability. So if we’re talking about the influence of Mercury, it means the influence on these aspects on our life. What? A planet that can have power over our earth lives? YAZ!

When does Mercury goes in retrograde this year?

  • 30.01 - 21.02 
  • 29.05 - 22.06 
  • 27.09 - 03.10 

In these periods, bad things can happen. Think about a car accident, a miscommunication, your new phone that just broke, educational problems, your relation at work with somebody that falls apart,… It all isn’t a coincidence. Mercury has more power over your life than you think. 😱

Brace yourself, Mercury Retrograde is coming

But now you know the exact dates of the Mercury retrogrades, you can prepare yourself! Here are some tips.  

  • Slow down and take a deep breath: life is no rush. Pay attention to detail. Think first and act/ talk later.  
  • Communicate what's happening! What better way than to buy our 'It's not Me, It's Mercury Retrograde' T-shirt? 😂
  • A back up of your computer or phone is always recommended, you never know what Mercury is capable of. 😅
  • If anything in your life needs reflection, take your time for it. However, if Mercury really has power over you, you already did and made some good decisions. If not, it’s your time to pay attention to your subconscious thinking and listen to it.  
  • Stay updatedChecking your work/ train schedule more isn’t a bad idea. 😉  
  • Don’t set unrealistic timelines or make unrealistic expectations.

Wanna be fully prepared?

Buy our It's not me, It's Mercury Retrograde T-shirt here:


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