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Affirmations; What, Why & How?

Affirmations, or rather positive affirmations. Maybe you've heard about them, but you didn’t think further. Or do you know what they are but think they are bullshit? Not sure how to get started? Feel a bit silly talking to yourself? I feel you momma, for years I have been avoiding affirmations even though I kept hearing how wonderful & life changing they are.

But to be honesty, they really do help you to feel more in control of your life, emotions and mindset. 

What are they 

Positive affirmations are statements that affirm something to be true. Whether the statement is already true or a future prospect/wish, that doesn't matter. Always use them in the 'now'.

Affirmations are great to change a negative thought into a positive one. Thoughts we get because of things people have said to you in the past such as: you are a shy child, you are not doing your best, you would look better if you lost weight, don't be so loud, you're annoying, rich people are mean… The more you hear these expressions, the more you believe them and keep repeating them in your own head. People (read: Karens) can say rude things to you that usually aren't even true. They are projecting something from themselves onto you. However, they can stick with you. So that's why it's great to look at affirmations to take back control & to switch those negative thoughts into positive thoughts about yourself. 

The fact is that positive affirmations work just the same. They are phrases you repeat to & about yourself. Whether you believe them already or not, is less relevant in the beginning. If you repeat them often enough, you WILL believe them! Positive affirmations don’t only make you feel good, they also reprogram or (often) transform negative thinking patterns to positive ones. They are very small things but they have a big impact on the positivity of you and your life. Besides, it is scientifically proven that positive affirmations reduce stress and have a positive effect on your self-confidence and productivity

How to use them?

You can say, read, write your affirmations and make you believe they’re true. By repeating these thoughts often they will sink into your subconscious brain. You can always wear them in your underwear, so you see them on a daily basis. Takes zero effort & it's a very easy way to get started - without your roommates thinking you have lost your mind and are talking to yourself 😂 That's why we added the secret note to self on the inside of our panties! 

How can you implement them in your daily life? 

YAZ QUEEN! The first steps are the hardest, so congrats for being curious in starting with affirmations.

Here are the different steps to implement a positive affirmation in your life.   


Think about some of the negative things you say about yourself. What are some areas where you struggle? Is it about being unsuccessful? Unhappy? Maybe you don't feel great in your skin? Which thinking patterns are holding you back? Write down some of the negative ones one last time.

For example: “I can be chaotic sometimes”, “I feel I’m ugly”, “I am shy”, "I'm not funny"... 


Now write the exact opposite in the present time. Write them like they are already true! Make sure you also use them in an affirming way. That means you don’t write “I will try to be less chaotic” but instead  “I am organised” "I have my shit together".

I am beautiful & I’m outgoing

I am smart, I am succesful

I am a magnet to money, I love my job and I am on the right track

I attract wonderful people, people love being around me

I am proud of my body, I love how I look

I have great creativity & intelligence.

You can write as many affirmations as you want, but make sure you have a clear intention & vision.


Be surrounded by your affirmations. Say them out loud, write them down, put post its all over your mirror, read them in our affirmation underwear, make a screensaver for your phone, E-mail them to yourself...

Some inspo for you!

  • I have positive energy today  
  • I am social  
  • I am amazing
  • I love what I do  
  • I am intelligent  
  • I love my curves  
  • I love my body  
  • I spread happiness  
  • …. 

 Good luck Queen!!


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