We dare you to say YAZ to yourself! ♡

Zodiac T-shirt. Libra Tee. Quote: Killing it with kindness.  Eco Power T-shirt.  Perfect gift inspiration.

♎ Killing it with kindness | Libra

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​​This Libra tee is made for you if:
- You will keep it 100% real
- You are your friends therapist
- You are Queeeeen of procrastination
- You are Overthink your Overthinking
- You are Killing it with Kindness

LIBRA SEASON: 23.09 - 23.10


All our T-shirts are Fair Wear certified, GOTS certified, Vegan & 100% Organic Bio Cotton & handmade in Antwerp. This T-shirt's print is inspired by the zodiac signs, specifically the character traits of Libra



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