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Damn Good Questions to Ask Yourself

Damn Good Questions to Ask Yourself

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75+ Damn Good Questions to Ask Yourself. Questions for more self awareness so you can live a more conscious life that YOU design!

Get out of autopilot & start living YOUR life!

You can use this deck on your own or share the questions with your friends.

This product is only available for a limited time period, so don't wait. This is a pre-order, meaning the product will arrive at our HQ 8.12

Who do I play with?

Damn Good Questions can be played with aaaanyone: old friends, new friends, your partner, colleagues, strangers, on first dates or just you & all your personalities. From 1 to infinite amount of players! In case 2 players are required you can find this icon 💬 on the front of the card. This is only the case about 5-ish times, so you can definitely also use it to get to know yourself better.

What are the Damn Good Questions About?

These Damn Good Questions discuss all kinds of topics. In case the questions are a bit R-Rated, you can find this icon 🔥 on the front of the card. Whether you want to break the ice & have fun, lighter conversations or you want to dig deeper & really get to know each other. We got you covered! Our cards are colour coded so you can decide if you want a lighter or a heavier Question. ⬜️ Lighter Damn Good Questions 🟫 Heavier Damn Good Questions

Bonus Deck: DGQs to Ask Yourself?

Break with limiting beliefs, with patterns that no longer serve you, with toxic behaviour & friends. These Questions will help to get to know yourself better & make more conscious choices. There is no one size fits all, so really figure out what you want for you! Break The Cycle, You got this!

Whether you are at the beginning of Self Discovery or you want to use these cards as a reminder. A Card a day keeps the selfdoubt away.

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Damn Good Questions

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