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Damn Good Questions.

Question decks designed to make life & conversations more interesting and unexpected.

So Damn Good we gave the product its own website!

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Damn Good Questions for First Dates

Damn Good Questions for First Dates

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60+ Damn Good Questions for First Dates.

No more Awkward Silences or Cliché Questions. You're welcome.

Have unique conversations that skip the clichés. Not you repeating your Online Dating Bio or always asking & answering the same questions.

These Questions for first dates are here to get a new perspective on each other, on dating & maybe even yourself.


What is this deck about?

60+ Questions to get to know the other person. These questions include a lightning round where you both yell your answer at the count of 3 to see how well they match.

⬜️ Lighter Damn Good Questions

⚡ Lightning Round

🟫 Heavier Damn Good Questions

Why this deck?

To avoid awkward silences, cliché questions and corny pick up lines (unless you like those ofcourse).

They can for sure also be used to get to know others without a romantic interest.

How do we use it?


Draw a card. Both answer the same question. If you know you have the tendency to not take up too much space, I invite you to set a timer of 2 minutes.


Take a card and answer it. Your date takes a new card. These cards are meant to spark a conversation, so feel free to wander.


Pick a card, then have your date answer the question as if they were you. Let’s see how well you (think you) know each other.

What is the difference with 'For Lovers'

First Dates focuses on getting to know each other in a playful way.

For Lovers goes deeper & focuses on the relationship that's already there. Both the individuals within the relationship, as the relationship as a whole. Focus is more on (re)connecting.

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