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Can I go home now? | Scorpio

Can I go home now? | Scorpio

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This tee is inspired by Scorpio's & made for you if:

​- You speak fluent sarcasm.
​- You often put others' needs in front of your own.
- You have a deep desire for freedom & are fiercely independent.
​- You like to drift off in your own world.
​- You love passionately like no other & will go to hell & back for those you love.
​- You speak from the heart. 

SCORPIO SEASON: 21.10 -21.11



All our T-shirts are Fair Wear certified, GOTS certified, Vegan & 100% Organic Bio Cotton. Our secret ingredient? Love baby, love!

Maïté hand prints your T-shirts after ordering, so we never have waste or stock!

What is my size?

Our T-shirts have a relaxed fit so you can style them in many different ways. Go oversized (buy larger) with biker shorts, crop them, puff them or tuck them.

Don't worry too much about your size, we can easily exchange & because of the relaxed fit they will for sure look great on you!

(Self) Care information

We get it, you want to wear your Oh Yaz stuff all the time & for a very long time. Wash at 30 degrees using a gentle detergent. Do not tumble dry & do not iron on the print.

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