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♓ BRB, but probably not. | PISCES  T-shirt

♓ BRB, but probably not. | PISCES T-shirt

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These tees are inspired by Pisces & made for you if:
​- You think with your heart & are extremely empathic, kind-hearted & compassionate
​- You are  a Moon Child, intrigued by everything spiritual & drawn to the mystical
- You are artistic & creative, but like to procrastinate everything
​- You don't need people to be perfect, just real & raw, fully themselves
​- You are romantic & in love with love
​- You are a daydreamer & a night thinker

Our 2 Pisces Tees:

1. Daydreamer, Night Thinker

2. BRB, but probably not.

All our T-shirts are Fair Wear certified, GOTS certified, Vegan & 100% Organic Bio Cotton & handmade in Antwerp. This T-shirt prints is inspired by the zodiac signs, specifically the character traits of Pisces.



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