It is our mission to make you fall in love with yourself every day.

We want you to:

be more confident, to embrace your flaws & highlight your beauty.
expand your comfort zone and bet on yourself.
take ownership for your decisions and be fully yourself.
believe in your abilities and be your own soulmate!

Be you, in all your glory! 

Oh Yaz is for bold women

Who don't need labels and think without the box 
Who believe no pants are the best pants
Who are true to themselves
Who know their worth and are not afraid to put themselves first!

for the funny ones, for the ones who you can always count on when it matters

for women who wear their heart on their sleeves

The Original Oh Yaz Queen, who dis?

My name is Lore Janssens and I swear I'm not as basic a my last name :)

I'm the founder & head cheerleader of Oh Yaz!

It is my mission to help you fall in love with yourself more every.single.day! I want you to bet on yourself and expand your comfort zone.

My favorite tools are humor, sarcasm & self relativation

° Self proclaimed Queen of Sas
° 91's Bitch
° Living in & Loving Antwerp
° The kind of person you don't want to put on speaker phone.
° Grew up with way too many sisters stealing my clothes so decided I'd just make my own.
° I know looks aren't everything, but I have them just in case - kinda attitude

Wanna know more?
Check out my IG

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