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Why Bamboo Underwear is better for your Vajayjay

Bamboo absorbs 3x better than cotton underwear
It's very breathable
Supersoft & comfortable
Unlike cotton underwear bamboo also has an antibacterial layer and anti-fungal effect

Bamboost - Why bamboo underwear is better than cotton underwear for your vaginal health and to avoid vaginal irritation and infection
Bamboo is also thé fastest renewable raw material on the planet! 

Bamboo grows almost too fast, everywhere, it doesn't need any upkeep, it doesn't even need a very fertile ground to grow on. This in comparison with cotton of which we don't have enough. We have to manipulate the cotton to grow which are nasty processes for this planet and everybody working with it.
Next to all of this Bamboo even helps against the deforestation issues. It takes up to 4x more CO² than wood & even gives 35% more oxygen back!
Making sure your underwear is also ecofriendly sustainable.

Amount of land needed for 60 tons of fabric


That's why we choose Bamboo as our fabric! To make sure you feel great in them, we added some extra features! Read all about it here:

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