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Which Harry Potter character is most like you? Top 5 Harry Potter quizzes only for real Potterheads!

Fall - or as we like to call it Harry Potter Marathon season - is here, so from now on till Halloween you can buy this awesome collection to level up the viewing parties even more with your fellow Potterheads!

We collected the 5 best Harry Potter Quizzes for our Yazqueens!

1. Which house do you belong to? 

To prepare you for the magic, we want to know your true colours!
Are you courageous & daring like a Gryffindor?
Are you honest & loyal like Hufflepuffs?
Rather intelligent & curious like a Ravenclaw?
Or ambitious & resourceful like a Slytherin?

Take the sorting hat test below & see which house you belong to!

Comment below which house you represent! 

Take the test


2. Which Harry Potter character is most like you? 

Do you know which house you belong to? Awesome! Now you can take this test and discover which Harry Potter character is most like you. 


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3. Which Harry Potter character should you marry? 

Did you also have a secret crush on a Harry Potter character? Take the test and see if it's a true match! 


4. Which magical creature is destined for you? 

Your Harry Potter profile wouldn't be complete if you didn't know which magical creature is destined for you! Take the test below. 


5. Then the ultimate one: do you know enough to write a PhD on Harry Potter?

Don't worry, you don't actually have to write one! We know you secretly thought about it, but are you really a wizard of knowledge on all things Harry Potter? 



Did you know?

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