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How to prevent Vaginal Irritation yourself - tips & tricks

How to prevent vaginal irritation - some home remedies that are easy to do yourself!

Let's be honest here, vaginal irritations are not fun. They are uncomfortable and we are soooo aware of it. We feel like we brought a (pink) elephant into the room with us. It's not only uncomfortable but it is crushing for your confidence and overall well-being. Both physical as mental. Hence, our mission to make sure you have the proper information to do it yourself.

1. Do not use pantyliners!

This one was a huge shocker for me. I never liked using them, because they reminded me 'something is wrong, that's why I'm wearing a pantyliner'. BUT they are actually really bad for your vaginal health - SAY WHUT? Yup! The marketing is so misleading, but they actually make matters worse. Ditch them! They are horrible for the planet too btw! 

2. Let mother nature do her thing

A lot of products promote washing internally, using certain soaps & some people even tell you to use yoghurt, It's not natural and all your body is telling you when things are more 'alive' down there is that it's fixing itself. So don't mess up the natural healing process, because you'll only cause more damage. Don't buy into the myths of vaginal douches and 'healthy soaps', because when things are starting to act up, this will put you over the edge. True Story! What might help you is probiotica, both to prevent, but also to cure infections. 

3. Wear the right kind of underwear

Wearing synthetic underwear or underwear that doesn't breathe well, is one of the worst things you can do. Let it breathe and wear proper underwear. Easier said than done, that's the whole point behind creating Bamboost. You need to find underwear that combines 2 things: making sure the fabric can breathe, but also making sure the fabric is high quality meaning it can absorb whatever comes its way.

Wearing very light or no underwear is not gonna be beneficial for you to let the vaginal health restore itself (also inconvenient if you go outside ofcourse). So make sure it absorbs AND breathes! Cotton underwear is a good start, however cotton is not great during the summertime and it doesn't have an anti-bacterial layer. Bamboo underwear is absolute Queen when it comes to combining breathing & absorbing. It also regulates the temperature, has an anti-bacterial & anti-fungal layer. Read all the advantages of Bamboo Underwear here.

4. Stay safe

It's no surprise that condoms have a lot of advantages, but they also protect your vaginal Ph-Balance. The 'unfriendly' vaginal environment is not a big fan of a bunch of visitors like sperm or saliva. What surprised me as well that the Ph-values are not a big fan of other anti-conception like the nuvaring either. Everything that's not natural your vagina might protest against and I kinda dig that vibe. She be putting herself first! :) 


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