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Putting yourself first, without feeling guilty [ENG]


From people pleaser to the Independent Woman Destiny's Child always wanted you to be.


My first reaction when receiving the label 'People Pleaser' was "Damn, awesome! It makes me happy to make others happy, what's not to love? Why would I even want to change that. Greeeat Success... It's a win-win, Riiight?"


Because guess who's not winning? Exactly, you and your needs. Your own desires keep shifting to the bottom of the to do-list and your creative brain will always find something to do for others before focusing on your own stuff. Exhausting. Frustrating. And to make it even worse your efforts can even repel people. Something you absolutely don't like. In relationships you've been taken for granted and at work you hope well deserved promotions will come to you & people will throw you a bone, but somehow that one colleague always gets the best clients. Eeeuhm, when is it your turn?

RIGHT.NOW.MOMMA! It is your turn and you - and only you! - will make it happen! That's why I wrote this free guide on how to break your people pleasing patterns. How you can finally start putting yourself first, without feeling guilty!

What would Meghan Markle do? 

Read all about it here!

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